A 360• landscape

Using the idea of a fish-eye lense to create a round composition. This is the watercolour challenge for Hills Rd. adult ed class this week. Tips for you folk.

•Mark out a good sized circle on your watercolour paper so it fills the paper.

•mark the centre of this circle. This is where the imaginary you is standing.

•on a separate piece of card or stiff paper, cut a triangle view finder that is the same size as a slice of imaginary pizza or pie that would fit exactly onto the circle you’ve just drawn.

•use this view finder with the widest (crust edge) at the top and point is down to your feet. Draw your chosen landscape through it. If it helps mark out a triangle on your drawing paper first. 

•turn to your right and draw again. Repeat until you have enough ‘slices’ to complete your circle. 

•Cut and assemble these drawings to create your 360• view. 

•transfer this circular landscape onto your watercolour paper.

Have fun and remember rules are there to be bent so experiment and find your take on this challenge;) 


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