Chinese brush gesture painting, Sarah 14.11.16

I decided to work alongside my students this week using large sheets of A1 newsprint and a rather impressively huge brush! These quick gestural paintings in ink are a way of encouraging movement and physicality in to painting. hills-sarah-1hills-sarah-2hills-sarah-3

Chinese brush with Watercolour Gestures, Hills Road Adult Ed.14.11.16

Martin has developed some interesting gestural techniques through his watercolours and here with his use of the Chinese brush you can really start to see this expressive visual language developing. Martin’s paintings are large – A1 and A2 and he is working with a series of brushes to articulate his medium of watercolour.

Chinese brush with Watercolour, Hills Road Adult Ed.14.11.16

Chinese brushes offer a hugely versatile tool for the water-colourist, it can be loaded with wash colours and applied in a range of marks from broad sweeping strokes to scumbling dry brushing techniques. The brush tip offers a delicate fine tip and intimate and delicate lines can be created. Here are a few paintings from our experiments with Chinese brushes.

Many thanks to Martin, Dom, Geoffrey, Catherine, Elena, Lucy, Jacqui, Marion, Riki, Jara for these lovely paintings.

watercolour portrait painting, Hills Rd Adult Ed 10 Nov ’16


Thank you to everyone for their portrait watercolours from last night… from selfies thanks Trevor and Geoffrey, Jackie, Liza and Jara; to writer Sadie Smith  – thanks Elena, Mel Gibson – thanks Helen, Matt Damon – thanks Lucy and a copy of family portraits thanks Catherine, Riki and Marion. You folks concentrated so hard you could hear a pin drop!


Paintings, Rhodes


Sunset from Ixia, Rhodes looking out to the Turkish coast

Acrylic on board


Old Rhodes at Dusk

Acrylic on board


The fiery Aegean

Acrylic on board


Ixia, Rhodes looking out to the Turkish coast

Acrylic on board


Snapshot reference for paintings