Watercolour, still life underwater. Hills Road Adult Ed

This is a cool way to rethink the ‘still life’ theme, by placing your chosen objects in, or partly in, water. The water distorts and refracts the way you see these objects. If you really want to go into detail it also creates a slight colour change and the tiny bubbles that form on the surface of your objects blurs their clarity. Painting glass, particularly clear glass offers its own challenges – how do you paint something that is clear? Look at the highlights, reflections, mix a range of light washes – my preference is a light aqua and a very light grey shot through with a colour of ‘brights’ to lift areas. Less is definitely more. So clear glass is a tricky subject… add to this clear water… yeap another set of light washes and a definition of highlights. What you are really concentrating on is your observational skills – those tiny tell tale details  – from the obvious distortions to the subtle thickness of the water surface tension. This was a tough and everyone did really well – from beginners to the seasoned pros.

Here’s a selection of their works – thanks folk you aced it!!

With thanks to… Dom, George, Geoffrey, Martin, Catherine, Helen, Riki, Jackie, Marion, Katie, Elena, Louise…


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