Experimenting with colour

The range of colours and hue in even a small set of only 12 pans is HUGE! But you might enjoy trying this to gain confidence experimenting with colours.  This will take you around 30 minutes.

I used A5 watercolour paper and lightly free drew a swirling abstract shape.


Mix a good amount of ochre using clean water and a clean brush and fill in a central shape in your abstract design.



Because the aim is to have crisp definition between your shapes either let each painted shape dry or paint a shape in another area of your design. Here is where you get to mix your colours. into your ochre wash add a very small amount of another colour. If you are wary start with a yellow.


Then continue with other shapes each shape is painted using the same wash BUT with addition of another colour… each time!


Until you have completed your design, notice how the colours have a subtle harmony.




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