Magog landscape painting, in the summer sun!


Peter’s painterly technique really capture the tree lined hill

We returned bright and early on a beautiful summer morning to the Magog Downs, just outside Cambridge. After the sun had burnt off the morning mists the colours of this chalk meadow started to really shine.
Using either watercolour of chalk pastels everyone worked on their landscapes with beautiful finished art work! Then off for coffee and cake at the Magog Farm Shop. Thanks everyone that was a lovely way to start the weekend!
Here are your inspiring paintings and drawings…

Marion worked wet on dry, creating subtle tones side by side, this works so well to creat the depth of the landscape.


Kelly used pastels to create this wonderful drawing full of texture.


All together, after a morning painting and drawing.


Lynn also used chalk pastels with a brighter palette the meadow flowers work so well in the foreground.


Allison used watercolour to make this charming landscape with the splattering technique for the detail in the meadow.



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