Magog Down Landscape


From Saturdays rather beautiful but soggy painting morning I have worked up the painting in my Studio, here at End House.

i have washed in a cerulean blue graded in to a bank of cloud. Cerulean with orange makes a lovely grey. Then when just damp go back with a tissue to take out grey wash at top of cloud and add a touch of Payne grey to the underside.

I’ve sketched in the landscape towards Stapleford and washed sweeps of ochre in the fore ground… Time for a brew of tea while it dries….



Ok now the greens and ochres are washed into the fields. A green grey is used in the distance to create depth.


As you can see I’m working with my watercolour sketches and drawings. no photos !!!


This starts to get tricky as I work in foreground, I like to use scraffito , scratching into the paper, to create fine darker lines suggesting the grasses and the plough marks in the distances.


Nearly there! A few shadow tones on the fields under the hedges, some white body paint in the near grasses for the impression if the daisies.


Here we are this morning ! Finished piece and I ‘m pretty happy…. Time for a coffee then out sketching….


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