Landscape watercolour, Magog Downs

Sketch in pencil of Magog Down

Sketch in pencil of Magog Down

Saturday morning and four of us set off for a morning painting in the local countryside. After a glorious few days sunshine we were looking forward to practicing our watercolour landscape painting

A rather wet day out on the Magog Down, just outside Cambridge. A chalk hill with views across the surrounding fields and over the city.

Sketch of Magog Down

Sketch of Magog Down

I like to start by quickly sketching a couple of views this gives me a feel for the area I would like to paint,

and I can start to resolve a few questions about composition and colour range.

Thankfully the rain eased off and the fields were lit with sunshine.

watercolour sketch

watercolour sketch

I concentrated on a few washes of grey mixed from cerulean blue and orange

and as the clouds break a glimpse of bright blue.

I let the wet washes of the trees settle and when the paper is still damp added a brighter green which bled into the mix.

I mixed the ochre and green and using a Chinese brush laid an impression of the sloping fields.

Magog Downs,  Cambridge watercolour Sketch

Magog Downs, Cambridge watercolour Sketch

In this second sketch I worked in a hint of the grass meadow in the foreground and a hawthorn hedge.

magog downs watercolour

This is a painting of the Magog Downs from last October from field sketches, I find it helpful to make drawings, colour sketches and take photos before painting back in my studio.



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