Researching paint pigments

Today I’m continuing with research of paint pigment from Ancient Egypt, I think I’ve fallen in love with Ultramarine, the luminous blue derived from the mineral Lapis, from Afghanistan.

Just check out this rich palette of earth mineral pigments

och105_i__99115.1357428059.200.200 natural-umber-pigment__38174.1366245677.200.200 och101_i__20374.1357082210.200.200dark-yellow-ocher-pigment__37454.1366245679.1280.1280 rose-earth-pigment__03604.1366245700.200.200 sof-green-pigment__66030.1366245770.200.200 french-ultramarine-blue-pigment__46557.1366251456.200.200





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